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We are Morgan Hall and Amar Kurani, two industry veterans with years of experience delivering high-quality video games.

Our mission as Explore West Interactive is developing mobile games for your smartphones and tablets. We've made games which have been published and through our partners and by ourselves

See the Games section for our published projects.

And we also help other teams create their own titles. Our skills cover the art, design, management, and technical elements of game development. (We wrote a blog post that illustrates some of that through the tools we use.)

Don't hesitate to contact us to help you with your own projects.

In the meantime, you'll find us hard at work on our next game in sunny Vancouver, B.C.

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Morgan hall

...is a co-founder of Explore West Interactive. As a designer and artist, Morgan has over ten years experience in the video game industry, working at EA Canada, Ubisoft Vancouver, and East Side Games.

Outside of her video game work, Morgan was the Art Therapy Program Coordinator for the Native Health Society. She guided HIV and AIDS patients in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side to use First Nations arts and crafts as a therapeutic tool.

Morgan graduated from Emily Carr University with a Bachelor of Media Arts.

Amar Kurani

...is the other co-founder of Explore West Interactive. He is a software engineer with over twelve years experience in the game and software industries.

Amar spent many of those years at EA Canada, most as lead programmer on the FIFA Wii team. He’s credited in eight titles for EA’s FIFA, Sims, and Fight Night franchises.

Prior to his experience in B.C., Amar developed game-like 3D user interfaces at a company in Hollywood, California.

Amar graduated from University of Southern California (USC) with a Masters in Computer Science, specializing in Multimedia & Creative Technologies. He spent his grad-school summers making short films and writing screenplays at USC’s film school.