Tech Rundown

A quick rundown of the hardware, software, and services we're using to make games. Specifically from conception to v1.0. We'll ignore post-launch in this post, including losing your mind to marketing.

For the art, Morgan works with a Cintiq using 3ds Max for 3D and Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) for 2D.

For the game, Amar uses Unity3D with C#. (And his first question before implementing anything, is there an asset in the Unity Asset Store or GitHub for it?)

For the servers, Amar first looks for a SaaS solution. Otherwise, he spins up an AWS infrastructure with an infrastructure-as-code tool like CloudFormation. He then writes server applications in Python 3. Although he's transitioning to Go for several technical reasons (and not because he found his inner gopher).

For project management, we use on a mix of AsanaTrello, and a stern voice. Asana is the permanent record and more manageable. At a certain point, Trello is too many boards stuffed with too many cards. But it's great for throwing tasks for a short term goal into one board and working through the cards.


And lastly for game design, we've settled on coffee shops, spreadsheets, and mindmaps scrawled in overpriced Moleskine notebooks. There's also the idea-generator demon we summoned and keep in a shoebox. We've named him Morty, and he seems pretty happy if we keep him fed with soul-donuts. But don't trust him for game economy design. Math is not his forte.

That covers the broad strokes. At least what we use. We're often teaming up with other game developers, especially to cover areas not in our skillset. Like audio...although in a pinch, Audacity + SoundRangers work wonders...but don't tell the audio developers that.