Don't Touch The White Zero!

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We teamed up with the top bananas at Canned Bananas LLC to bring you Don't Touch The White Zero! (DTTWZ), a fast-paced, one-touch game for your iPhones and iPads. Tap-tap-tap your way to a high score!


You have 10 seconds. Tap the speeding chips to increase your time and score. Don't let any chips fall to the floor, or you'll lose both seconds and points. If you run out of time, the game is over.

Forgot to tell you one thing. Tap every single chip except one... Don't Touch The White Zero! If you do, the game is over right away.

(Hint: always tap the special eight-ball chips!)

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So tap-tap-tap the chips for a high score and glory. Just remember, Don't Touch The White Zero!

(More hints: When the chips fall faster, tap where the chips will be, not where they are. And say hi to a loved one today.)

Play the Game!

DTTWZ is available on Apple's App Store for your iPhones and iPads. (We also have a version for your Android devices!)


Community & Support

Please join us in DTTWZ's Facebook Page.

If you are having any issues, don't hesitate to send us a message on the Page.


We developed the iOS version of DTTWZ with the top bananas at Canned Bananas LLC, an indie game studio from New York, NY. (We ported the game to Android a bit later.)

Since its launch on the App Store, we've breached the App Store charts, hung out in the trending searches list, and -- most importantly -- had millions and millions of games played all around the world.

Join the legion of players each day who say to themselves, "Just one more game!"